Friday, June 25, 2010

You are all seriously AWESOME!

I love my family and friends.

My friend Jenny texted me this morning at 6:00 to ask if I had gotten up yet to go walk. It totally irritated me and I replied back that I was actually getting up to shower since I needed to leave in an hour.

And then I wondered why I was bugged.

I had asked her and you - all of you - to hold me accountable. And she was just doing what I asked her to do, knowing what a rough week I have had getting up and she was just making sure I would do it.

I didn't of course.

But I appreciate her effort and will plan on reporting to her (and you) my progress in that department for now on.

Jenny Beth, THANK YOU for braving my irritation and annoyance (and you have had to KNOW it would have bugged me) and asking me to report.

This is EXACTLY what I need. You are ALL exactly what I need.

Thank you.

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