Monday, June 14, 2010

Time To Exercise (Did you hear my BLECH after that?!?)

Whoooo boy. This is what I have been staring at for well over a month now. He joined my family (well, my house) back in April and has been staring at me and mocking me since then.

I woke up this morning at this time...

(That is really the clock on my dresser)

...and decided ENOUGH! It's time to put that machine to good use. And that I did. I walked on it for 20 minutes this morning. My goal is over 30 minutes every day, but I haven't exercised in literally YEARS so I need to start slow. And it was SLOW: 2.5 miles/hour, moving up to 3 miles/hour. On a treadmill that's agonizingly slow.

But I'm moving and I felt great afterwards.

My only complaint is my internal heater would not turn off and putting on makeup this morning was a total joke.

But I'm feeling great. And if my sister's scale is accurate, I lost a total of 5 pounds since Thursday night. Made getting out of bed this morning easy and even a tad enjoyable.

I get weighed at the doctor's office on Thursday, so hopefully the scale will read at the very most 226, but hopefully less than that. I'm prolly expecting too much. I know.

That's okay.



Carie said...

HaHa I did the same as you, I bought a treadmill and was afraid to use it for a year! Make it fun for yourself, use an Ipod with motivating songs that help you to keep going, or set up a TV and watch one of your favorite shows, these things have helped me a lot.
Good Luck, I know you will do it!

Jessi said...

You're not alone at 5am. I'll be up & working out too! You can do it!