Monday, June 21, 2010

Loud and Proud

To all of my blog readers:

I want to know how much you weigh. I don't need to know who you are and actually want you to post your weight in my comments section as anonymous. It's easy enough to do.

If you have a Google account, be sure to sign OUT of it first off (top right corner where it says "Sign out"), then go back to my blog and hit the comments link and leave your weight.

I want to take the stigma away. It's easy to say and the more you say it, the easier it gets. I actually said it OUT LOUD today to someone in casual conversation. That was a first. And I didn't die. Or even hyperventilate.

Say it. Say. It. SAY IT!

"My name is anonymous, and I weigh 223 pounds."


Anonymous said...

Tara why haven't you bragged about how much you have lost on here!? You have to give updates!

I am so proud of you! Woohoo! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Fine, I'll do it. Apparently everyone else is too afraid, even as anonymous.

I weigh 279 lbs. THERE, it's been said.

Tara LaRue said...

Well done Anonymous! Wish there were more brave ones out there!

Come on folks!

Anonymous said...

All right I am 214.2 does that make you happy. It does not make me happy.

Tara LaRue said...

It makes me very happy to have people who are sharing. Makes me feel like I'm not the ONLY one who is dealing with this. It is NOT shameful!

Anyone else? I promise I really don't know who wrote those, whether they are male or female.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?