Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where's My Motivation?

I have had a LOT of people ask me why in the world I decided to do this, and what was it that finally pushed me over the edge, per se, to go on a diet.

Oh there are lots of things.

It started with a doctor's visit I had about a month or so ago with a cardiologist. I was having some funky heart palpitations and had to do a stress test. I failed miserably. The doctor told me, TO MY FACE, that it was because I was too fat and out of shape and I needed to shape up.

I don't love that doctor.

The next was just a few days later here at the office. I was helping a customer around our office, introducing him to people and just being a general help to him for that day. At the end of the day, I was walking with him to the door and he asked me when my baby was due. I chuckled and said, "Oh, I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat." He responded (sorry Mom), "Oh shit." It was the BEST reaction anyone could have done. I quickly assured him I wasn't offended (I really wasn't) and told him I had been planning on doing something about it. He's an author and about five minutes later gave me his book with an inscription that said, "Tara, you are hereby designated a MASTER LOOP CLOSER and thus may use the initials MLC as an official designation after your name. Congratulations. Mike Chaet, The Loop Guy."

He just felt bad. He should have. You NEVER ask a woman that. But I didn't feel bad. At all.

The next thing was yet another doctor visit, this time with my OB/GYN for my annual exam (I really HATE those things). We were chatting and I mentioned I'm hot all the time - seriously hot. He said it's because I've gained weight. He didn't say I was fat. But he pointed to the obvious.

I do like him still - kinda.

Lastly, whenever I eat a meal, I like to bless my food. As I was sitting there getting ready to eat what was - unknowingly at the time - going to be my last Doritos-cheese-bean-corn-olives-sourcream-guacamole mixture, I folded my arms to ask a blessing on the food and realized how unhealthy that meal was and how dare I ask the Lord for a blessing on something that is not good for my body. I laughed at the situation and realized then and there something needed to be done and it needed to be done quickly. It was finally, finally time.

And I LOVE the Lord for His help in this decision and the strength to do it right.

Motivation enough you think?

Tara LaRue, MLC


Deanna said...

Tara, you can do this! It's a little bit at a time. I still have some weight to get off after the baby, but have found that it's simply smaller portions 6 times a day. Keep at it. Every pound counts and will feel better and give you the motivation to keep going!! Good for you.

Jenna said...

The truth hurts sometimes. You are a very brave woman!

Crandell Fam said...

This is really cool! What specifically are you doing? When you say you went to the doctor, is it a weight loss "doctor" thing? Or was that just your regular doctor? I finally got to the point where I just couldn't stand being fat anymore, and that's what got me started. But really, (after all the really really hard starting part) I ended up LOVING exercising and feeling more healthy. I still need to work on my eating, that's for sure, but I'm so much better than I was! I'd still like to lose about 10-15 pounds, but I feel a ton better now, and in 1 year was able to go from not able to run to running a full marathon. But I did it SLOWLY, a little at a time. Good luck! Can't wait to follow your journey! :)