Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Anyone have any favorite brand of socks they use? This is such a strange and random question, but this morning as I was walking on my treadmill (yes, 2 days in a row now thankyouverymuch) my socks got angry and rubbed my heel raw.

I am a sandals girl. I very, very seldom wear shoes that has the need for socks (even in the winter), so the socks I own are old and ones I've had for years.

Time for new ones I 'spose, but I want new ones that are soft and cushy and won't hurt me.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Jessi said...

We are sock connoisseurs in my house. Wyatt has tested ALL brands of socks due to his squished toes. Socks must be soft, seamless on the toes and have an elastic wrap round arch support.Oh yes, they must be low profile (no sock lines). I'd be happy to loan you Wyatt for a private consultation & sock shopping trip. The kid's a professional.