Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool online calorie calculator

I went to Red Robin today and got a salad. The waitress was AWESOME and was intent on helping me stay to my minimal caloric intake and suggested I visit their website online for future eatin's there.

If you go to and ask to see their menu, you can then click on any of the menu items. It will ask you if you'd like to customize that order. You do.

Once you hit the customize button, you can either remove items on the right-hand side (so for my salad today, I asked to have the bread and chicken removed) or change things up on the left-hand side (I believe). I added light ranch dressing instead of the usual dressing that comes with it.

My salad started out as being almost 800 calories. With the reduced fat/low calorie dressing and eating only half of the salad, as well as not eating the bread or chicken, the calories came to around 350. (And yes, I realized after doing this how much cheaper it would be just to make this myself at home and bring it in. I think I need to invest in that salad dressing as it was some of the YUMMIEST low cal stuff I've ever had. No lie. You gotta try it!)

AWESOME. Why don't all of the other restaurants do this?!? If there are more that do, let me know who. It will make this a whole lot easier!

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