Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Strange dinner last night

I was hungry last night when I got home from work, but am desperately trying to find foods that are high on flavor/longevity, low on calories.

I created the strangest dinner last night, and it was by far the most satisfying I've had yet.

I cooked brown rice (just plain - no salt or oil or any flavorings added), then added 1/2 cup of Ranch Style beans to the top. Added a handful of frozen corn (thawed out in the microwave) and a couple of splashes of Tabasco sauce for kick.

That's it. No salt. No cheese. No sauce (except with the beans). It was plentiful, it filled me up and kept me full for the rest of the evening (I ate this right around 5:00) and it was really, REALLY good.

I told you it was strange, but I will definitely try it again...

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Natalie said...

I dont think its wierd at all! That sounds like something I would whip up on a whim! Rice and beans are a GREAT combo! Very filling!
P.S. Thanks for coming tonight and hanging out with us! We are usually so boring and it was so nice to sit and chat and have Ryan entertained! :) I cant wait to try my PB! AND...OMGOODNESS!!!!...those brownies are of the devil, they are SOOOOOOOO good! I can almost guarantee there wont be any left tomorrow! You are the best Tara! Come over any time you need a baby fix...or want to get rid of more brownies...just saying. :)