Friday, July 9, 2010

Is this our only vice?

I usually work in the Mesa, AZ temple every Friday evening. I have a friend who I work with, an older lady who I think is pretty terrific.

I told her a couple of weeks ago about my weight loss plan and she asked me why I was doing it.

"I'm fat."

She laughed and told me of a friend she had when she was younger: a single, male, non-LDS friend. He had a real problem with dating LDS girls because he said they were always chunky.

She yelled at him and told him that LDS girls do not drink alcohol, they do not drink coffee or strong tea, they don't smoke, they don't have pre-marital sex and if they like food, THAT IS THEIR ONLY VICE and to give them a break.

She said he was impressed with that and shut up.

Hmm - maybe being fluffy isn't such a horrible thing...

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