Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good friends, good food

I had the privilege and pleasure of dining with some good friends of mine last night.

Clint and Natalie and their beautiful kids Ryan and Jane were ever the charming hosts and the company and food were fantastic.

Natalie, knowing how I'm "trying" to lose weight (oh so not doing well there) made a very tasty dish of balsamic glazed chicken breasts, roasted new potatoes with onions (mmm, one of my FAVORITE things to eat), and I made a spinach and strawberry salad with this dressing:

My salad was probably the most caloric thing on the menu due to the dressing, but we only used just a little bit and it really enhanced the sweetness of the strawberries (this dressing is to die for - you can only get it at AJs in Arizona - not sure where to get it in other states).

Natalie's chicken was soaked in balsamic vinegar, a little bit of honey, some fresh garlic and some rosemary. She soaked it overnight and grilled it on her George Foreman grill.  It was gooooood...

The potatoes were roasted in the oven with a sprinkling of extra virgin olive oil and onion soup mix on top.

For dessert we had baked apples (cut in little cubes) with also just a sprinkling of oats, cinnamon, and a little bit of brown sugar. Mostly the crunchiness and sweetness of the apples were what came through and it was really delicious.  For the official recipe, go HERE.

It was tasty, healthy and I got a wonderful kid fix by blowing bubbles with Ryan and holding and nuzzling their sweet newborn Jane.

Thanks Clint and Natalie. Love you guys and am grateful for your friendship and family and for the yummy and healthy food!

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Natalie said...

Cant wait to have you over again Tara! It was a blast!